DNA LEVEL-C BOXING CLUB extends boxing training to the people of various age groups from five to 99 years. Majority of trainees are children who are taking benefit of our service. We teach an art of discipline, health and self defense tricks to children so that they may not be victim of bullying or live life in lack of social discipline. In short, we groom them as a disciplined human being.

The newly enrolled trainee will spend 4 to 8 weeks with coach in a program called 1 on 1 program with coach. This will develop the confidence of the trainee and can later join group session. We have professionally designed adult program too. It includes weight loss program, strength/conditioning, kickboxing cardio and fundamental boxing.

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DNA Boxing Shoes

We Have sizes 3 All The Way To Size 13in And That’s From Hee …


Ringside Youth Elite Outfit

  • Sweat Tech for added breathability
  • Comes in Bla …


Ringside Youth Elite Outfit

  • Sweat Tech for added breathability
  • Comes in Bla …


Ringside Youth Elite Outfit

  • Sweat Tech for added breathability
  • Comes in  B …


Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes



DNA Boxing Gloves

Best Gloves for boxing by DNA.


Ringside Limited Edition California Imf Tech™ Sparring Gloves

Represent like never before with this Limited Edition Californ …


Ringside Gel Shock™ Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Incorporating the latest safety inducing technology, the 12 ou …


Ringside Extreme Fitness Boxing Gloves

The Ringside Extreme Boxing Fitness Gloves support you in your …


Ringside Apex Predator Sparring Gloves

Be the predator, not the prey, every time you spar. Ringside …


Ringside Panther Boxing Punch Mitts

Unique contoured shape allows for more control and gives the c …


Ringside Mini Boxing Punch Mitts

The Mini Mitt is the most compact pad in the business. The ang …


Ringside High Intensity Interval Timer

Interval training is an integral part of a boxer’s worko …


Ringside Coach Spar Boxing 14 Oz Punch Mitts

Ringside coach spar mitts harbor an exclusive hybrid design, w …


Ringside Super Guard Panther Punch Mitts

  • Full 2 ¼” of layered foam padding
  • Curved str …


Ringside Gel Tech™ No Foul Boxing Protector

The shock-absorbing capabilities of gel have long been proven …


Ringside Female No-Foul Protector

Small = (26-30) Waist or Up to 125 lb
Medium = (30-34) W …


Ringside Elite Amateur Flex Panel Competition Headgear

You’ve put in all the hard work, and now it’s time to comp …


Ringside Bulk 100 Mouthpieces Box

Ideal for new boxers, to have extras around the gym, or resell …


Ringside Air Max Training Boxing Headgear

Ringside sparring headgear features a mesh outer shell with ve …


Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard

This is the next evolution of their most popular Headgear. It …


Windy Belly Pad Protector

All New Windy Belly Pad provides comprehensive protection of t …


Ringside Punch Shield

Heavy-duty synthetic leather construction


Ringside Boxing Micro Body Protector

Add a new dimension to your offensive training sessions. With …


Fairtex Leather Belly Pad

Fairtex Thai training belly pad offers coaching complete core …


Combat Sports Thai-style Body Protector

Muay Thai style training pad provides full protection of the u …


Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Trainer’s Vest

Combat Sports training vest features advanced protection for a …


Weighted Neck Strengthener

Increase your ability to take a punch. Design allows user to e …


Ringside Weighted Vest

Comes complete with a full set of weights that can be adjusted …


Ringside Super Nylon Sweat Suit

Used by pro and amateur boxers and fighters to drop weight fas …


Ringside Singular Timer

The Singular Timer is exactly what you need for a standard wor …


Leather Jump Rope

This classic leather rope has space age, ball-bearing driven, …


Hercules Medicine Ball

Ringside’s 25 lb. Hercules Medicine Ball is the perfect acce …


Ringside Head Shot 65 Lb. Boxing Bag

The perfect size and weight to develop clean, crisp and accura …


Heritage Speed Bag

The Heritage Speed Bag will put your speed, reflexes and endur …


Heritage Double End Bag

The Heritage Double-End Bag will test your speed, reflexes and …


Heavy Duty Speed Bag Platform

Constructed with a unique ‘V’ shaped brace and thi …


Double End Bag

The ability to slip a punch and land an effective counter punc …


Battering Ram Heavy Bag

A recessed, nylon handle on the back end allows a coach to con …




Group Sessions

  • $100 / month : 8 Sessions Ages 5 yrs - 17 yrs
  • $150 / month : 8 Sessions Ages 18 yrs & Up
  • $150 / month : 12 Sessions Ages 5 yrs - 17 yrs
  • $200 / month : 12 Sessions Ages 18 yrs & Up
  • Month to month payments.
    No Contract
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DNA Beginner

Everybody must take DNA beginner before going to group sessions

  • 8 Sessions
  • Month to month payments.
    No contract
Choose Plan


Private Training

  • Unlimited Training
  • Month to month payments
    No Contract
  • Register Fee Will Be Waved If 2 Or More Signs Up
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